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The BROT project started out with a double purpose. We wanted both to build furniture and objects that would satisfy people’s everyday needs, and to recycle materials that in our mind could still be utilised. The resulting products are functional, comfortable, long-lasting and aesthetically distinct objects, which have the added value of being built with scrap material, thus contributing their own grain of sand to world’s sustainability. Our project aims to stay ahead of changes that are inevitably bound to occur if we want to live in a sustainable way. Observation of living forms and respect for nature are our main sources of inspiration. Our objects result from materials accumulated in our workshop. Herein lies the uniqueness of our rag-and-bone project: materials inspire designs, never the other way around. Objects are created according to availability of scrap materials. We never design an object, no matter how beautiful, and then look for the materials to build it. This would betray our philosophy.